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Because of the digital nature of this product no refunds are available. 

If you order an item twice by accident. You will need to submit via email a refund request with BOTH order numbers under the SAME name and paid via the same CC/Account.  Upon receipt of that email and verification we will send you any additional information or steps to follow to receive your refund. 

Depending on the circumstances or account history there may be a 30-60 day hold before refunding. 
We do know that accidents happen from time to time but we are a digital business and have to protect our content and store.  Accounts with repeat issues will be flagged and possibly blocked from purchasing if the problems continue. 

Upon receiving your email please allow 24 hours to respond if it is during our regular working schedule. (Weekends and Holidays we are closed.)  

At this time there is no way to add a product to your order history. Email request for this will not receive a response. 


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