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How do I get a gown?
I take a very limited number of gown and costume orders a year. I recommend that if you are looking for a gown you order as soon as possible. 
Some gowns take anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months to create. 
To start your gown you can choose between custom or concept design and together we will get your dress started. 

What is the difference between a custom and a concept dress? 
A custom dress is when you let me know what you are wanting and I decide if it is something I am interested in taking on as a project. If it is I will create a sketch based on the budget you give me. Upon approval of the sketch you are invoiced and I start on your dress. 
A Concept dress is a dress which you choose the size and I create the dress based on the already provided sketch/fabrics. There is limited changes to these dresses and the price is already set based on the design and work that will go into it. 

Will you make a concept gown in another color?
Yes! If the fabric is available I am happy to make a gown in your favorite color(s). 

Will you make me a dress based off of another designers gown? 
No is the short answer. But I would be thrilled if given the opportunity to design you your own custom gown. If you are looking for a character or movie dress I can make an "inspired" by gown but I will not replicate a dress designed by another designer. 

How long will it take to get my gown? 
Before you purchase any dress I will go over the timeline with you. I don't recommend waiting to make a purchase if you are on a timeline. Custom dresses can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete. Dresses are completed in the order of which they are purchased. 


What sizes can you make dresses? 
Custom and Concept gowns can be made in any size you need. Ready to Ship and pre-made gowns are sold as is in the size that they were made in. 

How do I measure for a custom gown or concept gown? 
Use this chart here to take your measurements and then send them to my email with your name and invoice number if you have already paid your invoice. 

Is shipping included in the price? 
Unless otherwise stated shipping is not included. 
I will pick the best/affordable shipping method for your purchase. All pieces are shipped/tracking/insured and signature required upon delivery. 

Can I get a refund? 
Because of the custom nature of the gowns there are no refunds.

Can I cancel my order? 
Once your order is placed you cannot cancel your order. If you have only paid your retainer fee for the gown that retainer fee will be forfeited. 

Have a question that I didn't answer here? 
Send me an email 

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