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Thank you for learning with us. Here you will find free videos to help you learn photoshop.  

The videos you see here are provided through our former brand Photographers Unleashed. We will update these over time but in the meantime, we didn't want you to miss out on these valuable resources.

These fundamental videos are perfect if you are just starting out in Photoshop or if you forget a pesky step and cannot remember how something works.  Over time as we relaunch the website we will add more free videos with more advanced Photoshop training as well as rebrand the current videos to match the new PhotoArt Market standard and brand. 

Have a suggestion for a Free Photoshop Fundamental video? Send us an email.  

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Intro to Photoshop CC Layout and Toolbar Options 

- Learn how to adjust your layout custom for your own preferences.  
- Learn how to save those changes. 
-Locating tools and toolbar options 
- Customizing your toolbar 

Intro to the Eyedropper Tool

Two Steps for Sharpening your images

Non Destructive resizing layers in Photoshop

Linked VS Embedded Objects

Creating Patterns in Photoshop

The Character Panel

Saving your document

Adding a Copyright

Mixer Brush Basics

Mixer Brush Advanced

Content Aware Move

Sizing Elements in Composites

Subscriptions no longer available but you can watch those same videos here on the website. 

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